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Are you in a "State of Flow"?

Did you know that nestled inside of us, from the base of our spine to the top of our head, are spinning energy centers?

The ancients knew this and many healing arts are centered on these power portals of the body.

When one of these energy centers (or chakras) gets blocked, stuck, stagnant - or worse yet, the energy starts flowing in the wrong direction (uh..oh)... it’s like poison in our system. :(

A symptom of this might be pain, frustration, negativity, burnout – general havoc in our lives because we're not in the state of flow.

(And certainly NOT in the vibration of healing and health)

Fortunately, there is Massage, which can clear up these blocks (and negative emotions) with a simple loving human touch!

When you feel like you need a Deep Tissue that means you are poisoned already, don't wait another day, but the best way to keep yourself in the "state of flow" is regular (WEEKLY!) sessions, supported by daily meditations & yoga.

Come see me at my Sanctuary, I will hold the Sacred Space for you, so you can restore, recharge and Heal!

Love, T

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