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What is CTGF Hydrafacial?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Lots of you already tried it and know what I am talking about!

The results of Platinum Hydrafacial are so amazing that it's hard to believe, it's just a very relaxing Facial! The Science behind CTGF Hydrafacial Boost is fascinating!

HydraFacial Connective Tissue Growth Factor Treatment uses stem cells collected from baby foreskin donated in routine circumcisions.

But, WAIT - before I lose you, hear why this is so innovative.

Building on the science of the original HydraFacial treatment, the non-laser skin-resurfacing system that quickly gained popularity in the anti-aging circle, this newest version uses technology developed for burn and wound healing to address skin roughness, texture, elasticity, and fine lines. It also uses human growth factors and proteins with one of the most concentrated levels in the industry, boosting the skin's metabolism to trigger the skin's mechanism for renewal. Here's how the cells are harvested, according to Gail Naughton Ph.D, leading research scientist in the field of growth factors and developer of this new protocol:

"The surgical discards from routine circumcisions are taken under sterile conditions and then treated with medical grade enzymes that leave the living cells. The newborn fibroblast cells are then grown in tissue culture in order to create hundreds of vials of cells that are stored in liquid nitrogen. These cells are tested for all known pathogens and viruses. One foreskin can support active manufacturing of growth factors for over a decade."

But foreskin from human babies? Is it worth getting over the ick factor for the results? Apparently it is. Naughton explains: "The young healthy cells grow quickly and produce large amounts of growth factors and naturally secreted antioxidants that are important to skin health and rejuvenation. The cells are always from the same anatomical location and gender, which help to support a very reproducible product. The materials manufactured by the cells basically can deliver your skin all of the growth factors that your skin had when you were a baby."

Might sound a little crazy at first, but it makes sense. After all, your skin is going to accept growth factors from skin more readily from plants or other sources. And for those looking for a skin-rejuvenating fix, it just might be the answer.

And like I always say, Hydrafacial has to be done just once a month, so it's totally affordable and don't forget about Hydrafacial Club.

See you soon, T.

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