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My Brand - Oxygen Plasma!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

My clients refer to this serum as their "Liquid Gold"

Oxygen Plasma helps activate and accelerate cell generation which is needed for healing and promoting healthy, rejuvenated skin.

Stimulates collagen and elastin formation 100% pure Oxygen Plasma is a solution made with a complex carbon molecule which "mimics" the blood's ability to carry oxygen and biologically active substances into the cells. It transports volumes of oxygen into tissues which stimulates youthful collagen and elastin formation, combats fine, lines and wrinkles and firms and plumps the skin. 

Skin nourishment By nourishing the skin with potent antioxidants and life-giving oxygen Oxygen Plasma will stimulate its natural repair and healing process for smooth, lifted, and ultimately healthy skin.

Increase the Flow of Oxygen to Your Skin Cells The perfluorodecalin in our Oxygen Plasma significantly boosts the healthy flow of oxygen to the cells of your skin to balance oxygenation and allow your skin to breathe. This is especially important for aging skin since it’s been found that as time passes, your skin experience a reduced supply of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Perfluorodecalin work to reverse this process and with it the damage that comes with aging so that your skin can look radiant, despite the assault by UV rays and toxins in the environment it experiences on a daily basis.

Hydrate and Moisturize By promoting healthy oxygenation and skin cell function, the perfluorodecalin in our Oxygen Plasma also helps your skin retain significantly more moisture. This means skin that is hydrated, healthy, and plump.

Accelerate Regeneration The oxygen-carrying ability of perfluorodecalin also explains the dramatic acceleration of skin rejuvenation seen with their use. In fact, these compounds are known for being capable of carrying more than 49 percent of their own volume in pure, healing oxygen. Additionally, these compounds are often found in wound-healing and post-op scar treatments since they’ve been found to result in activation of immune system cells, which helps to stimulate skin cell repair and turnover. All of this makes them a wonderful choice for combatting acne and dark marks from scarring to reveal a smooth, even, clear complexion. Fight Fine Lines and Wrinkles Boosting skin oxygenation at the cellular level also works to powerfully stimulate skin cell metabolism and plump and lift the skin. This explains the anti-aging benefits seen with daily perfluorocarbon use as well as the massive popularity of the oxygen facial trend. When you add this to the fact that perfluorodecalin have been proven to significantly increase the collagen and elastin content of the skin, it’s easy to see why the compounds have been labeled “anti-aging skincare at its finest”. The Nano Difference However, even with all of these amazing skin rejuvenating benefits, there’s one more factor you have to understand to get the most from perfluorodecalin – how to find a formulation that can actually penetrate your skin barrier in order to produce real, visible changes. And the key is particle size. You see, if the particle size of a cream or serum’s ingredients is too large and does not have a sufficient level of a carrier substance, only traces of the perfluorodecalin will be able to make their way through your skin barrier. This means that you’ll only experience miniscule results at best, especially compared to what you could achieve if all of the perfluorodecalin in the formula went to work for you. That’s where ruo Oxygen Plasma Nano-Formulation comes in… Our nano serum is crafted at a particle size of less than 800 nanometers.  This nanotechnology accomplishes two goals. First, it creates temporary micro-channels in the surface of your skin to allow the perfluorodecalin in our Oxygen Plasma to fully and deeply penetrate its dermal layer.  This means maximum penetration and effectiveness and translates instantly visible results with fewer lines and wrinkles, vastly enhanced collagen and elastin formation, and more youthful skin. Additionally, our nano-formulation is crafted in using a scientifically-advanced three-layer structure and double emulsion to ensure stability and enhanced results when used over time.

The Best Way to Use Oxygen in Your Skincare for Anti-Aging Results So while oxygen facials are worth it, it’s clear that to get long-term anti-aging results, the secret to younger, healthier, infinitely gorgeous skin is applying perfluorodecalin on a consistent basis. That’s why at Tanya Faylor LMT, we recommend adding these little oxygen-carrying miracles in a nano-formulation to your daily skincare regimen. At night, apply 6-8 drops of Oxygen Plasma to your face and throat, adding more to areas of wrinkles, around your eyes, and on scar tissue or problem skin. For daytime use, apply oxygen plasma prior to your SPF of choice for optimal sun protection.  With Oxygen Plasma, you’ll see:

  • Hydrated, moisturized skin

  • Increased firmness and elasticity

  • Smoother skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles

  • A brighter, more vibrant complexion

  • Diminished puffiness

  • Enhanced micro-circulation and oxygenation

  • An even skin tone 

  • Fewer dark marks from acne and scarring issues

  • Enhanced performance of your SPF 

  • Plumper, lifted, more youthful skin

By making our Oxygen Plasma a part of your skincare regimen daily, you can put the power of perfluorodecalin and advanced nanotechnology to work to oxygenate and transform your skin, with our patented ingredient.

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