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Skin Science about @skin_qween products!

@skin_qween products bring life back to skin, allowing its own amazing regeneration abilities to take over, replenish, restore, and revitalize.

Exercise and rejuvenate the face muscles and skin with @skin_qween


Take your skin to the gym with Alfa Pep + Oxy Pep We need to help the skin rejuvenate by triggering the skins own system.

By cycling between the “Trauma" phase and the "Healing and Nourishing" phase every fourth week you will achieve stronger skin and faster cell renewal. When doing this alternation of 4 weeks you will experience your skin continuously become younger and stronger as the skin will naturally turn over quicker, increasing production of collagen and elastin.

How to start your Derma-cycle? - BOOK HYDRAFACIAL or any deep exfoliating FACIAL

Start using Alfa Pep next day for 4 weeks, then switch to Oxy Pep.

Still use WHIPPED OXYGEN CREAM in the Morning routine.


When we are in our twenties, our skin renewal takes four to six weeks. As we get older, the renewal process slows down to ten to twelve weeks that causes wrinkles and premature aging. However, with regular exfoliation, using the Omega Peel, and MICODERMABRASION CREAM, the skin renewal can be kept at or moved down to four to six weeks again with subsequent reduction in lines and wrinkles and younger looking skin!


Our peptide creams are synergistically combined with Oxygen Plasma and MSM which makes for advanced moisturizing creams.

MSM will act as the nano carrier and will help the peptide ingredients penetrate deep into the skin layers.

Our peptides in combination with OXYGEN PLASMA will:

  • Activates tissue breathing processes and the “aeration” of skin cells.

  • Stimulates the metabolism of keratinocytes (skin cells).

  • Facilitates the penetration of any biologically active substances.

  • Accelerates regeneration of skin cells.


Non-surgical facelifts can be done effectively by using electrical and light stimulation in order to reach deep tissues and to re-educate the underlying muscle.

No topical would be able to lift the face, however, a topical will help tighten the skin! Ultrasound and Radio Frequency Facials will tighten the skin and remove fat tissue.

LED Light Facials are the most effective choice to perform non-surgical facelifts.


NANO In order to really reduce lines and wrinkles, the cream must have scientifically proven ingredients that will stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin.

It must be a nano serum and/or to be dissolved in a nano carrier.

If a cream, serum or ingredient is not a nano formulation (less than 800 nano meter particle size) and does not have a carrier in them, only traces of actives will penetrate through the skin barrier with minuscule results.

All of @skin_qween products have been formulated either as nano serum and/or with a carrier for maximum penetration and effectiveness!


Oxygen is critical in the "Krebs" cycle of the cells to create ATP.

ATP provides energy to the cells to drive the living cells processes.

Actually aerobic metabolism is up to 15 times more efficient than anaerobic metabolism. Transport of oxygen into tissues will therefore accelerate regeneration of skin cells.

@skin_qween nano serum Oxygen Plasma will effectively deliver oxygen to the skin cells. Microcurrent increases the ATP in the cells with more than 500%. This combination has a huge impact in reducing the age of the body and skin as more energy is released into the cells and the body!

Tanya Faylor LMT


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