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Amazing Frankincense!

Love, love, love those aromatic liquids in the bottles & use them with every Massage & Facial, you already know it! I took this material from Russian Internet & tried my best to put it together. I also found lots of cases telling how people who were left to die with no hope, healed themselves, or at least lower the spread of cancer cells using the oils.

Scientists say that the use of Frankincense essential oil can revolutionize cancer therapy. Treatment with it gives an excellent effect and is safer for the patient than chemotherapy.


Electricity in human cells was discovered by the two time Nobel Prize winner for cancer research Dr. Otto Warburg. And Robert O. Becker, MD, in his book Electricity of the Body, wrote that every human body and it's its organs, has a certain frequency of electrical oscillations as a fact.

These vibrations occur when the muscles contract, the blood moves through the vessels, with the heartbeat, and also in cells where all physical processes are accompanied by movement. The speed and intensity of this motion determines the frequency of vibration - the faster the movement, the higher the frequency. A healthy human body has a frequency of electrical oscillations of 62 - 78 MHz, and during the illness this frequency decreases to 58 MHz. In parallel, it was found that the emotional mood also affects these indicators. For example, negative thoughts reduce the frequency by 12 MHz, and positive ones increase by 10 MHz on average. On these indicators it is possible to determine the state of health of its organs.

At the moment, scientists have no doubt that certain frequencies can prevent development and even destroy the disease. They believe that substances with a high frequency destroy diseases with lower frequencies.


The study involved the head of the Department of Agriculture at the University of East Washington, Bruce Tanio of Tanio Company, in which a monitor of calibrated frequency (KCHM) was developed to measure the frequency of essential oils. With its help, the change in the frequency of vibration of the human body during the application of essential oil was tested. At the moment, there are two such monitors: one - in the laboratory of essential oils, the second - at the Johns Hopkins University.

The frequency of 100% therapeutic quality essential oils is in the range of 52-320 MHz.

For example:

Peppermint - 78 MHz,

Angelica - 85 MHz,

Juniper is 98 MHz,

Sandal - 96 MHz,

German Chamomile - 105 MHz,

Mirra - 105 MHz,

Lavender - 118 MHz,

Ravenscar -134 MHz,

Immortelle is 181 MHz,

Frankincense is 147 MHz,

Rose Oil - 320 MHz ,.

Frankincense contains compounds called monoterpenes, which help to destroy cancer cells at the very beginning of their development. They are also effective in the progression of the disease. Frankincense is ideal for fighting cancer at any stage of the disease or prevent it!

"Frankincense separates the brain of the cancer cell - the nucleus, from the" body "- the cytoplasm, and closes the nucleus to stop the reproduction of corrupted DNA codes," says Dr. Suhail. In his opinion, the use of Frankincense can revolutionize the treatment of cancer. Traditional treatment with chemotherapy negatively affects not only the tumor, but also the healthy cells, weakening the patient. A treatment using frankincense oil destroys only cancer cells, without damaging the healthy.

How to use the oil of Frankincense: simply applying on the skin (anywhere, even around the eyes!) and also taking 2 drops under the tongue twice a day.

Love, T

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